Due to the ongoing circumstances currently surrounding the state of New York (Long Island in particular), telehealth and telemedicine have now become essential aspects of administering healthcare in the modern state of living. Have you been searching for telehealth physical therapy in New York State? Well, we ask that you consider the virtual appointments that are now being offered at Provident Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Here at Provident, we understand that circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have now made it impossible for some patients to receive the healthcare, specifically physical therapy, that they need to rehabilitate and get themselves on the road to recovery from their injuries. We’re here to tell you that your options are no longer limited, thanks to Provident Telehealth Physical Therapy in New York State.


Telehealth physical therapy is the practice of administering healthcare through online means. These services are all offered remotely, whether that is through video chat or through the use of a simple telephone call. Essentially, your physical therapist will communicate with you through either of these methods and then instruct you on what types of treatments you can administer to yourself while you’re at home. These treatments that your physical therapist can help walk you through may include some of the following efforts:

  • Stretching Techniques – Your physical therapist will guide you through which parts of the body need to be stretched out, and what types of stretching methods should be utilized for proper treatment. You’ll need to communicate with your physical therapist information about your injury such as level of pain, area of pain, and form of limitations. Proper stretching techniques could be capable of treating various muscle-related injuries, depending upon the severity.
  • At-Home Exercises – Although you may be a little limited in the workout equipment department, your physical therapist can still use telehealth physical therapy in New York State to educate you on proper exercise routines that could help strengthen your area of discomfort and improve your healing capabilities. Strengthening exercises are important for the prevention of injuries as well. The type of exercises that will be utilized during your session will depend upon what part of the body that you have injured. Make sure to consult with your physical therapist beforehand and let them know physically what you are feeling.
  • Education/Information – Naturally, one 0f the primary reasons that you sought the patronage of a physical therapist in the first place is because of their area of expertise in the field. Physical therapists are well-equipped in an abundance of healing methods for patients. They can answer any questions or address and concerns that you may have. During these difficult times, it’s reassuring to know that your physical therapist still has your back and can help you just by simply providing you with customary lifestyle guidance.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these treatment methods that are offered at Provident Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we suggest that you consider scheduling an appointment with our expert staff for telehealth physical therapy in New York State.


If you’re searching desperately for a provider that offers telehealth physical therapy in New York State, we suggest that you end your search with Provident Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Our staff is now administering telehealth and telemedicine services for all of our patients in the entire state of New York. If you’d like to schedule, or if you have any other questions, please contact us here. For more information regarding COVID-19 and the efforts that our practice is going through to help keep our patients safe, please click here.