Provident Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation of South Huntington also known as a Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Athletic Performance on Long Island is located on the Campus of Saint Anthony’s High School. Saint Anthony’s High School administration “recognizes that true education is directed toward the formation of the whole person and, to be authentic, education must embrace a broad range of issues.” Including the student’s physical health, now Provident Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is able to help the students of Saint Anthony’s High School and the community surrounding it.

The physical therapists at Provident are experienced in orthopedic injuries, if you have suffered from any kind of orthopedic injury, pain from a chronic orthopedic condition, or if you are recovering from orthopedic surgery we can help you! Physical therapy is an effective alternative for patients who wish to avoid or postpone surgery.

The athletic trainers at Provident Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are on hand at local sports programs to evaluate exercises and the sport itself to make sure injuries are kept to a minimum. They also work with coaches to create safe exercise regimens for athletes and they educate athletes on avoiding certain pitfalls or activities that might easily result in injuries.

There is no better place for physical therapy on Long Island than Provident Physical Therapy and the expert orthopedic and athletic care provided at our South Huntington location. Call now to schedule a one-on-one evaluation at 631-266-4501 ext.225 for South Huntington, NY or you can also request an appointment online at your convenience here.