Lower back pain can be debilitating, but it is often treatable with the help of physical therapy in Medford at our facility. Our physical therapists at Provident are trained to design and implement a treatment plan that is customized for each individual’s specific biomechanical needs. At the foundation of modern treatment plans is the understanding that proper alignment and movement directly contribute to healthy muscles, joints, and ligaments. Physical therapy is focused on restoring proper function while decreasing pain through the use of manual treatments, exercise conditioning, therapeutic equipment, modalities (such as ultrasound), and education for patients and families.

Physical therapists will not only treat an individual’s back muscles, but also address their core strength to give them a strong foundation in which to perform everyday activities – including lifting, bending, and twisting. This will help alleviate any disc herniations or spinal stenosis by strengthening the musculature surrounding the affected area in a non-painful way. A physical therapist can also prescribe exercises for patients who want to continue exercising at home that specifically target their problem areas (i.e. the spine).

Physical therapy is most effective when it is started as soon as possible after symptoms begin. However, physical therapists work with patients of all ages and diagnoses, including pregnant women, athletes, people who have a history of back injuries or surgeries, those who suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis & degenerative disc disease, and many others.

The physical therapists at Provident Physical Therapy in Medford are trained to help patients with all types of lower back pain who need to find relief quickly so that they can return to their normal lives. Studies show that physical therapy is most effective when performed in combination with other treatments, such as medications and interventional procedures (such as epidural steroid injections).

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