A crooked back, otherwise known as scoliosis, is a condition where the spine deviates to the right or left. This can be caused by several diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and skeletal abnormalities. In some cases, scoliosis can cause pain, so people must have regular check-ups with a doctor to ensure the condition is not progressing and causing problems. For help regarding potential pain relief, consider visiting Provident Physical Therapy in Medford. Although scoliosis can’t be cured, consulting with a PT can help you obtain pain relief. Call today to set up an appointment with our specialists.

Understanding ScoliosisPhysical Therapy in Medford

Scoliosis can also lead to breathing and digestion problems and mental health issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and social isolation.

People with scoliosis are at a higher risk of developing muscular imbalances, leading to chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain.

This is why it’s so crucial that the chiropractic industry does not encourage scoliosis patients to seek alternative treatments such as chiropractic care. The term “chiropractic cure” has been circulating lately, which may lead people to think they can be treated for scoliosis with a few quick adjustments. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit our website today!

Can Chiropractic Care Cure Scoliosis?

However, it’s important to note that the chiropractic ‘cure’ doesn’t remove or correct the cause of scoliosis. Instead, it simply treats some of the symptoms resulting from poor spinal alignment.

A new study found that patients who used chiropractic care were more likely to continue having back pain for a more extended period than patients who didn’t seek chiropractic care.

“This suggests that not only does the treatment fail to correct the actual cause of their pain, but it may also even act as an ongoing source of pain for these patients,” says researcher Paul Shekelle, MD.

Some chiropractors claim they can treat many conditions using their services, but there is often no evidence to support these claims. If you choose to use chiropractic care for scoliosis or any other disease, just make sure that the chiropractor has the proper training and experience in treating people with your specific health concerns.


If you’re worried about developing scoliosis, keep in mind that this condition usually develops in kids and young adults. Therefore, taking preventative measures to avoid the development of scoliosis is a must. To find out more about how you can keep your spine healthy and strong, check out our website and schedule your first appointment for physical therapy in Medford.